tiltforward Fellowship

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in 2019, we are launching our first city-based fellowship for 25 education managers to completely reimagine inclusive leadership across schools and education nonprofit organizations.



We're working hard in 2018 to recruit our first cohort of diverse leaders. Our fellows will serve in various roles and organizations, including principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, operations managers, executive directors, functional team leaders, and other nonprofit managers.

What will our fellows do?

Our fellowship provides the community, coaching, and creative agency managers need to reimagine leadership in their school or organization. Our fellows’ impact projects will accelerate diversity, equity, and inclusion so that, in particular, talent of color are staying, growing, and - just like students - representing 79% of leaders.

Why launch a fellowship?

Across education, leadership challenges remain: only a fourth of leaders identify as black or latinx, just a fourth of superintendents are women, only 50% of superintendents anticipate staying in their role this decade, and not even a third of outgoing C-suite nonprofit leaders are replaced internally. We believe a critical mass of managers can change that narrative.

A fellowship can cultivate the individual and collective leadership necessary to diversify and sustain a new, more inclusive education ecosystem. Our fellowship aims to flip the script on how we grow leaders so that all students of color see themselves in the leaders who inspire them.

Want to learn more?

Reach out to hello@onetilt.org to schedule a conversation with us.