Selamawit M. Washington

Selamawit M. Washington (she/her/hers) is a black woman, first-generation Ethiopian-American, born in DC and raised in Virginia (wahoowa!). Her journey in search of healing, justice, and peace led her to Addis, New York, Los Angeles, then back home to put it all into practice. Her work to expand restorative practices in DC public schools led her to Communities In Schools of the Nation’s Capital where she is now the Interim Director. As a new-ish wife and bonus mom, with an unruly puppy, Otis Redding, Selamawit spends her time creating alignment, managing chaos (thank you Google calendar!), and enjoying the ride. She loves unplanned moments of quiet, harmonizing, laughing out loud, “The Read” and “Happier” podcasts, creating playlists, reading about home organization and life hacks, nail art, color, and designing learning experiences outside of the classroom for her family, friends, and colleagues.

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