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Starbucks Shuts Down For Racial Bias Training. Schools Have Been Doing The Same Training For Years

“ANDREW Daub and Kimberly Diaz, the co-founders of oneTILT, note that whites and blacks have very different histories in this country, and therefore need differentiated instruction, just as students would. For part of their trainings, they separate participants into groups based on race.

‘That makes some people really uncomfortable,’ Diaz said. ‘But there is work that white folks need to do with white folks, and there is work that white folks need to do with non-white folks. We’ll have learning in those spaces, and we’ll always come back together and have cross-racial dialogue.’”


Gates, Chan Zuckerberg-Backed Fund Invests in UVA Darden Student’s Nonprofit Education Startup

“With a small fellowship from the New Orleans-based organization 4.0 Schools, Diaz and Daub began to formulate their plans for the education nonprofit that would come to be known as oneTILT, prototyping an organization that would develop leadership skills for diverse educational constituencies through a lens of inclusion and innovation.

‘We want to make sure every school leader and every nonprofit leader, regardless of their ability to pay, can get this training so that their staff looks more representative to the communities they serve, and also so that pipelines of talent are more diverse,’ Diaz said.”




Just Like Your Abuelita Did: The Case for Latinx Entrepreneurship

“The truth is entrepreneurship is for people like me, like us. First, our people – nuestra gente – have  entrepreneurship coursing in our blood. Think about it – how many of your tias or padres own their business? Sure, maybe they didn’t go through a design-thinking protocol with sticky notes and sharpies, but they once had a start-up! While they perhaps did not have the opportunity to go to business school, they likely spent evenings talking with loved ones and strapping together a real-world MBA to ensure their business would grow and succeed. Entrepreneurs are Latinxs that dreamed of a better future, invested others around that vision, and worked hard to make that vision a reality. Taking an idea and turning it into a small business requires the same skill sets society admires in elite white-dominant entrepreneur spaces.”


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